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How to erase strokes?

Hey guys!

I'm building a math app, where users can write formulas. As an edit feature, I would like the user to be able to erase strokes from the canvas (I'm using the javascript library), entering an erase mode instead of writing mode.

I want to erase the whole stroke (not just a part of it) if the user touches the stroke, very similar to the samsung galaxy tablet's S note app.

Can I accomplish this somehow using the InkManager or MathRenderer?

Mardo Del Cid

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Thanks for using our technology, it is possible to add such feature, unfortunately, we have not developed an eraser in our current MyScript JS project, so it will require more development effort to achieve this, managing strokes, control when a stroke touches another existing one and decide to add the new stroke on top of the other or to delete the first one.
However did you try to use the 'scratch out', maybe it could help?

Best regards

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