Important notice for MyScript Math Widget integrators

Hi MyScript Developers,

We target to make a major change in the coming version of the Math Widget, that may have a technical impact in your integration. If you're using this widget in one of your products, We recommend the below information be forwarded to your technical team.

Indeed, the new version of the Math Widget will not be able to read the serialized binary data representation of the Math Widget v1.X. Nevertheless, this change will NOT impact the equation results saved as Ascii, symbol list, LaTeX or MathML.

You're impacted only if:

    Your app creates binary data using the serialize API of the Math Widget.

    This data is stored (on your servers, as resources of your app or on users devices for example).

    And it's read later by your app or another system, using the unserialize API of the widget.

Should you have any doubt, please check you have the following calls in your source code:

MAWMathViewController Class

MathWidgetAPI Class
unserialize(byte[] data, boolean allowUndo)

Please add a post here if you are impacted by these changes.
Thank you,
MyScript Team