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MathPad needs development and improvement, I have many good ideas, can I help?

Hi, MathPad is my favourite MyScript app – as a CompSci major and Math minor I absolutely love it, and so do my Professors when I show it to them! It's the natural alternative to the exhaustive and incredibly slow process of LaTeX typesetting using TeX markup – it allows rapid drafting of equations as natural input and exporting the LaTeX data for final typesetting. Problem is, it's not really feature complete!

Firstly, MathPad's dictionary (and therefore the dictionary of the Math recogniser) of LaTeX symbols is too small – it needs to be expanded to eventually be completely LaTeX-complete (which would require additional training to support each additional symbol – I assume this is using some proprietary neuro-fuzzy recognition system?)

Secondly, the working area for equations is too small! We need to be able to pinch-zoom in and out and scroll around an infinite canvas and see equations on multiple lines. The user expects this nowadays because he is accustomed to it from almost all drawing apps which are also reliant on 'drawn' input, not to mention from his years of experience with hand-written mathematics on paper.

These are the obvious deficiencies with MathPad. Solving these two central issues will also increase functionality for MyScript Calculator and all Math API support as well. I am also sure that the MyScript team are aware of these limitations.

Now, normally I would just post this as a feature request in the Application Support forums, but I actually want to contribute and help with this for my own research project in my final year at university. Plus, there are other apps I want to develop using the MyScript Math API and CDK, but since it doesn't support the complete LaTeX symbol set (not even the complete mathematical set!) I can't pursue my own developer needs. So I was wondering if there is any way I can contribute to the symbol training and feature development via the MyScript SDK?

If this isn't the appropriate area for this discussion, please can my message be referred to the correct parties?



Thanks for your message.
MyScritp Mathpad shows how can be integrated our MathWidget, on our side no update is planned for this application this year unfortunately. I will off course forward your feedback and contact details to the product management team, so they may get in touch with you in the future.
Best regards

Dear Benjamin,
Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to train the recognition engine directly in the application. Such improvement requires an update on our side. Rest assured that we will communicate as soon as we will have new version or product.

Best regards,

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