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I am trying to mathematical calculations where say If I do 4*3 and then = the result should come up.I am using myscriptJS unable to find ways to show the result.Should I use encoding JSON to Javascript.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks

Thanks for your message. MyScript JS does not include a solver, it allows to recognize what is written but does not show the result actually. On our side, we have developed our own a solver for our mobile application MyScript Calculator or have integrated other modules for our webdemo Equation for instance.
If you want to solve equations, you will have to develop or to integrate other module to achieve this.
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Thanks for the reply can you help me with some modules I can include with MyScriptJS.I am very new to it.

Did you have a look at ?
We integrated desmos lib to show a graphical result from the LaTex or MathML expression. It is an example of what can be done.
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