MyScript App Challenge


Is the MyScriptJS API elegible for this?
I didn't see it mention. Only the other sdks.

Hi Tom,
Not only is MyScriptJS eligible but it's highly recommended. Indeed both MyScriptJS and Web Components that are available for download on GitHub are integral parts of the CDK.
Hope this clarifies things.
Fernando Rynne

ok great. I got it to work now.

So I have a few ideas. Is multiple submissions allowed for multiple prizes?

Nothing prevents participants from submitting multiple applications.
However for the applications to be eligible, they do have to be significantly different. To be very clear, 2 apps that do the same thing but with modified UI (i.e. green vs. red button), will be considered as one same app.
However if you have different apps for different use cases, then they all qualify.

Best regards
Fernando Rynne

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