MyScript App Challenge

iOS challenge submission

I must have missed the iOS app submission directions.

What file do I need to upload?
What email is used for Testflight testing?


Hi Tom,
What you can upload is a video and a data/spec sheet describing your app. As for Testflight, please use as the email.

Fernando Rynne

The app description is on the project page. Video is loaded to YouTube.

Do you also want this uploaded as submission?

Hi Tom,
Yes you MUST submit your app or else nobody can vote for it.

Oh and remember to upload either an APK if it runs on Android, a Testflight (use if iOS or simply a URL if it's a web app using the CDK.

No I meant the requirement in the submission page to Upload File. I don't understand why we need to upload the description and video if it's already under the Project page. If it's android, I can see how I can upload the APK but since i'm doing iOS, what else can i upload?

I'll send a Testflight invite.

Sure, the description of the app is fine. But please do set up a testflight so that the judges can test your app.
Can you send me you private email by writing to, that way I can return you the email addresses of the 3 external judges that will require a testflight as well?
Many thanks

Just to inform you that I still can't see your submission.
Now you still have 3 hours left so no stress ;) but make sure you don't miss the deadline!
I'll check again tonight from home to see if it's there before submissions close.

I have another one.

I've sent an email about the 3 testflight emails. Nothing yet.

can you confirm that Testflight invites have been sent?

there are 2 different apps.

Just to confirm that both apps have been successfully loaded to Testflight. However would be nice if you could send an email to so that I can reply direct to you (not on the forum) with the emails of the other jury members.

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