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Really hard to work with ATK in Android Studio... will be gradle + android studio supported ??

Is really important for us in order to integrate our Android projects...

More documentation about recognition.

But .... really nice tool.

Thanks !

Thanks for your feedback. Yes we are aware that it is not easy to use the current ATK package (1.3 version) with Android Studio, but we made a video to show how to proceed Use ATK 1.3 with Android Studio
We are still working on the next ATK version that will be fully compatible with Android Studio and gradle.

We do our best to provide the more efficient documentation for each widget, but this forum aims any specific question you may have.
Best regards

Yes.... I could integrate everything with the video, but my Android Studio is now a bit messy , and the process is a bit complicated and hard to understand, anyway at least is possible to integrate.

I will wait for next version to add MyScript to more apps.


Dear Alberto,
ATK 2 is now available. Single Line, Single Char, Geometry and MathWidget for Android are fully compatible with Android Studio and gradle build.

Best regards

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