Android:Simple way of integration of Handwriting feature with existing applion

I am evaluating Handwriting SDKs to recommend one to use with one of our existing application.
I want to find a solution that does not require a lot of changes with in the application, I want to know what
are Panels available with Application Toolkit, Panels seems to be the simple way of integration as mentioned in your web site, but I cannot find any information on integration with panels.

I want to achieve displaying Myscript keyboard instead of Android keyboard while editing over a normal textfield. I am aware of installing 'MyScript Stylus Beta' achieve the same, but I am looking for a solution that does not require user to install 'MyScript Stylus beta' version on their device. Can we embed the 'My Script Stylus' within our application, then which product we should purchase out of your 3 types of solution available.

is the toolkit contains Handwriting keyboard(IME) that we can purchase and make it available to user within our application by packaging it with in our application. so we can avoid modifying existing code as much as possible.

The text panel is not currently available on our developer portal and it is designed to be integrated into an input method only, not an application. Our input method (stylus mobile or beta) will replace keyboard in every application (not only yours). So, the best solution for you seems to embed the text widget within your application. By the way, it requires to purchase licenses, so I invite you to contact us through our sales form: https://developer.myscript.com/atk-quote-request. It will help us to better understand your project and answer your needs.

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