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Dear Cate,

We appreciate the opportunity to use Math Toolkit with wonderful features.

But when the conversion to math formula is made,
the letters like a, x, etc.. are displayed as normal fonts rather than the ones used in math formula like below image.

So we wonder how we can select the font that are normally used in math formula.

Thank you.

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Dear Kim,
You can select the font you want using the method setTypeface, please refer to the MathWidget Android documentation.

void setTypeface(Typeface typeface)
Set equation text font. Default font is STIXGeneral.ttf if available in assets folder or default application font otherwise.

Additionnally, you can use the following methods for variable names:
void setItalicTypeface(Typeface italicTypeface)
Set equation text font for items that will be italicized like variable names. Default value is null. When null, the italics is calculated based on the text font.
Best regards

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