General Question about MyScript Math

I'm interested to implement MyScript math into my Android app. Before start to work, I have couple of question:

1. I read that MyScript services is based on ink that must be accessed online. Meanwhile, my app was primarily designed for full offline use. Is MyScript Math suitable for my project?
2. Did MyScript capable to generate equation in AsciiMath instead of LaTeX?
3. Did MyScript capable to recognize equation via images? For example, recognizing equation from jpg photo provided by user.

Thank you

Thanks for your request:
Yes the MathWidget can work offline, I guess you were referring to our webservices that offers Math recognition as well.
The Math Widget offers the possibility to export results in different formats, such as Text, Math Widget symbol list, Image, LaTeX or MathML. So it does not offer the ability to export as ASCII, as this format does not include all the symbols we support.
About Image recognition, I invite you to read this post:
Best regards

I am interested to add a feature (in MyScript Mathpad App) that lets the user type the instruction he/she wants to do with the mathematical expression or equation written. The user can type either “evaluate” or “find the variable.” When the user write “evaluate”, expression written will be simplified and get its numerical value (Used for integrals, differentiation). However, if there’s a variable included and the user needs to get its roots, they need to write “Find the value of the variable”. The solution will be provided so the user will understand how it was solved.

Is this possible? If yes, how will I do this?

Thanks for your interesting request. As we are focused on handwriting recognition, we have not planned to add particular solver features to our development tool kits.
Today, our application MyScript MathPad converts handwritten equations to MathML or LaTex and use Wolframalpha website to solve them.
We really thank you for sharing this use case, it is very helpful for our product management.
Best regards

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