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Documentation error in the definition textParameter.resultDetail (?)

On this API definition page, the textParameter field resultDetail is defined as being an array. However, all combinations of array encoding I have thrown at it come back with a JSON parsing error. Instead, what works is to send either TEXT, WORD, or CHARACTER as a simple string. TEXT is the apparent default, specifying WORD gets you the text and word result, and specifying CHARACTER gets you all three.

Let me know if I'm seeing things! Thanks, David

Thanks for your bug report, could you please let us know where exactly you saw this mention 'the textParameter field “resultDetail” is defined as being an array' ? It will help us improve our online documentation.
Our Cloud API allows to send JSON request and the recognition result is a string as mentioned in the following table:
Here is an example:

Best regards

Hi, yes, the documentation error is manifested in the first link you provided. Look in the right most column (labeled Example) and you will see on the resultDetail row:

"textParameter": {
"resultDetail": ["TEXT"]

i.e., an array definition. That's the error.


Thanks, you're right. We will update our documentation as soon as possible.
Best regards.

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