ITC saveITF(String filepath) method


I'm using ITC android toolkit and I check the ITC sample which is available.

When I'm trying to load ITF file (after saving), I don't get all information of page but only the recognized handwriting pen. The not recognized pen strokes(drawing pen) gone.

How I can save all information of pageview in ITF file?

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Hello Kyriakos and sorry for the delay.

You have described the normal behavior of 'Save/load ITF file' feature. There is no other ITC API that allows to save not recognized (drawing) strokes of the page.
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Hello Cate,

Thanks for your answer.

As I can see the saveITF method of smartPage saves only the points of smartStroke. Can I save the color and the width of strokes of the page?

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Dear Kyriakos,

We have just released a new ATK version, so we invite you to download the new package from your dashboard. The documentation has been updated as well, so you will find all the features in the API Reference chapter. The method you mention does not save ink color and width today.
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