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Units for X, Y, and T?

Are there any particular units that the X and Y values for text strokes should be expressed in? I am working in millimeters but is there another unit that would yield better results?

Similarly, for the t timestamp entries in the recognition requests -- what are those units and/or the format for them?. The examples I have found do not use that parameter, but I do have the values and am wondering if that would improve recognition.

Thanks much, David

Dear David,
Those are very interesting questions.
As the ink capture depends on the device, you can use registered coordinates and send them directly to the recognizer without adding real life coordinates units (mm, inch, etc..) If ever you receive these coordinates as floating-point numbers, sending the integer part of it should be sufficient.

About the timestamp, this information is not necessary for our recognition engine, because the accuracy does not depend on the writing speed and the strokes order is related to the X and Y coordinates captured by the device.

Hope it helps.
Best regards

Thanks for the response, Cate.

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