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Offline mode using CDK

Hello Is there an option to use CDK offline? if yes how?
I want to create an app that would not need to be connected to internet and work.

Also IF not, what option of sdk CDK ATK should I use. this is not clear

I checked the page
used the Web Analyzer that could read text and numbers and directly convert them. I would like to use this option offline.

Please if someone could guide me.

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Our CDK offer cannot work offline unfortunately, because requests must be sent to our recognition server that returns recognition results.
If you want to develop an application that integrates handwriting recognition offline, our application Tool Kit ATK could be the best solution. You can choose widgets for text, math or shape recognition (please see the tour for more details:
The demo webAnalyzer shows what can be done with Analyzer option of our SDK, it is not available on our developer portal today. If you want to access it, please give us more details about your project and our sales team will get back to you soon:
Best regards

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