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display mathematical formulas

Is it possible to display mathematical formulas in the same outline as they are introduced, and how to implement it?

Thanks for your message, I am not sure to understand exactly what you mean.
Do you want to display formulas that are written by the user or display something before he writes anything?
Best regards

I want to display formulas that are written by the user. And they must appear in the same canvas. Sorry for my English.

I understand that you want to convert the ink in the writing area, unfortunately our CDK does not offer this feature yet.
Rest assured that we will communicate as soon as new feature or product will be available.
Please let us know if you have any other question.

Hi Cate.

Do I understand you correctly? Here is scenario of Math recognition handwriting text:
1. I use Math recognition and send request to Cloud from the current Canvas.
2. I get response and want to put it to THE SAME Canvas (instead handwring text).
I want to get the same effect as on your demo:

Are there any limitation to Math recognition?
P.S. The same question about Music recognition

Hello Andy,
The behaviour you mentioned shows our MathWidget of our offline solution ATK (application tool kit). It can be done with the online solution CDK (cloud development tool kit) as well, but as it is based on our core technology and allows to send request and to receive a recognition result, it’s up to the developer to decide how to display the result. So there's no limitation today but it will require to develop your own piece of code to achieve this.
Remember our documentation about MyScript Cloud is available here:
We may add such option in the future , so keep visiting our website!
Please let us know if you have any other question.

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