Failure to Disable Gestures & Properly Implement Gesture-Based Code

Hi! I have 3 questions:
1. I attempted to disable the gesture recognition for 'erase' & 'overwrite' using the multiLineView.setGesture(.Gesture, enable: false) function. Despite that, when I draw a line through a word, it still erases that word. Is the system being buggy or am I disabling the wrong gestures (& if so, how can I prevent the strikethrough from erasing the word)?

2. I also implemented some custom code for the 'circle' gesture:

func multiLineView(view: MLTWMultiLineView!, didDetectSelectionGestureForWords words: [AnyObject]!) {
//Called when a CIRCLE gesture is detected:
var combinedText = ""
for object in words {
let word = (object as! MLTWWord).text
combinedText += "(word) " //Generate a combined input phrase
multiLineView.clear() //clear view after data is captured

Sometimes, when I circle items, the system is buggy and does not clear the view. Sometimes, it clears only the items inside the circle, but not the circle itself. And sometimes, the system, instead of recognizing that the item drawn was a circle, creates a special symbol like @. Is there any way to get it to perform more reliably?

3. When I attempt to implement the auto-scroll feature, I notice that there is very little additional room for scrolling (maybe 50 pixels worth). Is there any way to increase the available space for auto-scrolling?

Thank you very much in advance for the help!

Thanks for your question.
As Swift code works side-by-side with Objective-C, there is no reason you can not use our iOS ATK with Swift, however we need some delay to investigate your questions because we don't usually develop this way.
About the last point, there is no api today to customize the scrolling bar size and at first sight there's no workaround to do that. We will keep you updated as soon as we will have news for you.
Best regards

About your first question, could you please check that you disable the gesture recognition after the 'configure()' of the widget?

About the second point, it looks your 'circle' gesture are recognized as overwrite gestures, could you please add some breakpoints and have at look at it?
Best regards.

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