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Getting error Unauthorize(401).

here is log message from chrome console. 401 (Unauthorized)NetworkInterface.xhr @ @ myscript.min.js:9TextRecognizer.doSimpleRecognition @ myscript.min.js:9doRecognition @ (index):88(anonymous function) @ (index):128u @ hand.minified-1.3.8.js:1f @ hand.minified-1.3.8.js:1h @ hand.minified-1.3.8.js:1(anonymous function) @ hand.minified-1.3.8.js:1

It was working quite fine but all of sudden started given issue. I have delete the application and created new one for appID and Key but getting same issue. I am using trail one.
Can you please let me know if any thing needs to done at my end. It was working fine but started giving issue after some time.

Thanks for your bug report.
As a trial CDK developer, you cannot exceed 200 requests per day. You should be notified with a clear error log, so we will investigate on our side, why the error message is not appropriate.

To remove this limitation, you need to buy a cartridge:

Additionally, don't forget to replace your apikey into your source code, as you mentioned you have deleted some applications and the related apikey will not be valid anymore.
Please let us know if it helps.
Best regards

After deletion I have applied the new Key to solution but the result was same.
So May be I try after 1 day to see if this will be fine.

It looks it works again now. On our side, we have checked the logs and you should get a log similar to that one when you reach the limit of trial CDK account:
Please let us know if you have any other question.
Best regards.

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