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Integrate ATK in swift application


We try to integrate your single-line-widget from the ATK in our swift application. Our swift application is basically a web browser which loads a html5 website. With the ATK we'd like to use handwriting instead of the normal keyboard.
We've downloaded the ATK and followed the setup-instructions, but failed at the point where we had to integrate the code you provided in the instructions.
Xcode give us the error, that it couldn't load the AtkSltw.framework. As far as we understand, we have to combine objective-c (your widget) with swift. So we tried to use a objective-c bridging header, but failed. We tried to work with your samples, but almost every sample has errors and it's not possible to start the simulator or load it on a device for testing purposes.
Could you please give us a step-by-step instruction to use the single-line-widget in a swift application? We use the newest os (10.11) with the newest Xcode version (7.0.1).

Thank you for your help!

Thanks for your error report.
There is no specific guide for swift code, but could you please let us know what error you get exactly?
Other developers reported us some issues and the related posts may help you:
This thread about single line widget may help you as well:
Best regards

Dear Haji,

We have never integrated the ATK in the LightSwitch Template, we then do not have any sample to offer.

Please refer to the documentation we provide for “generic” windows 10 integration: Docs/text/sltw.html

Based on the information found on the internet, you should have a xaml file in your application. You should then proceed as indicated in the integration part of the Single Line Text Widget: text/sltw.html#integration
-In this latter xaml file, add the SLTW ATK:

-In the corresponding cs file, add the code you can find in the above link.

Let us know if this works.

Best regards,


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