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First license registration when offline/no internet


What will happen when the configure is used at offline/no internet situation ?

Does the module will work and when possible will tell the server to reduce the license count?
Or the module won't work?

Thank you.

If the device is offline, the application/sample will work during 30 days. As soon as it will get an INTERNET connection, a license will be counted.
The recognition part of the application will stop working after 30 days without INTERNET connection.
Does it answer your question?
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Yes, this is great news.

Thank you very much.


Is there an option or license agreement that I can work offline all the time?
My customers are offline oriented.
Is there an email that I can talked to someone on that topic?

IS this is the SDK?
What is the SDK?

This is possible, but in this case it is not available on our developer portal, so I invite you to contact our sales team:
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