Align text side by side in single line, keeping canvas data persistent

I have a few requirements for my project

  1. Align text in single line after scribble conversion: After writing a sentence the converted words should align close each other in a sentence format

  3. Keeping canvas data persistent: Keep recognized words even after application is minimized

  5. Remove user stroke: I wish to remove user strokes which are recognized and provide editing control over word are text editor

I tried your application Smart Note, this provides exact features that I want in my project.

About your last question, I am not sure to understand what do you need an
I mean I can't create ITC layout in this project, I already use canvas and generate stroke data, I need your help to specify what input to give to which ATK library API call so that I get converted text as output from ATK, which I will display in my own canvas.

Dear Vikas,

We won’t be able to provide a specific snippet to integrate in your code on this forum actually, but we can provide some theoretical advices about eraser implementation:
- Store coordinates from onDrawing(InkCaptureView v, float x, float y) method
- Use those coordinates to create a segment that corresponds to the eraser movement
- For each stroke, use getX and getY methods and check if the eraser segment crosses a stroke (you will find useful help on usual android developer websites if you need)
- In that case, remove the stroke from the SmartPage

About a customized ITC integration in your project, it is difficult to answer without more details about the use case and the project structure. I also wonder if another widget such as Single Char or Single Line Text widget would better fit your needs.

Best regards

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