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Artificial Neural Network Direction


I have no issue but had no other place to contact MyScript.

I am a student at Neumont University in Salt Lake City, Utah, studying Computer Science. I am nearing a point in my schooling known as a capstone project and was planning on developing an artificial neural network to help implement a handwriting calculator (likely ending on the Android platform). It seems your company has a well developed, working product already and I was hoping to have the opportunity to gain some insight from some of the developers. Whether it be a glance at some code or some direction towards learning material or something else, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tyler Berry

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Dear Tyler,

thank you for contacting us.

Actually, what is the purpose of your application?

Are you planning to develop a sample calculator application? In that case, you could use the MathWidget, which is available for download on this developer portal?

If you are rather interested in how we build our core technology, then we are not likely to provide with such information, as you understand this is our added-value.

Best regards,