Google Drive Integration

I'd like to import a document from Google Drive, add to it via handwriting and then export it back to Google Drive as text in a document. I'm thinking of similar functionality as how Smart Note imports Dropbox but as text instead of files.

My questions are:
Is this even remotely possible?

Is something else like this already in progress somewhere else?

And depending on the two answers above, can you point me in the right general direction to develop it myself?


Dear Marloutor,

thank you for contacting us.

In order to provide with a more accurate answer, we would need to know more about the specification of your application:
-First, what kind of document do you plan to import? Are these notes that are based on digital ink, made of X and Y coordinates? Indeed, our technology is only able to get X and Y coordinates as input, images can not be scanned.
-If so, you could then use an external API to download your documents from an external storage.
-Then, you could add the strokes to the MyScript Interactive Component you can find in the ATK package (please refer to the API documentation that shows how to import X and Y coordinates).

Is something else like this already in progress somewhere else?
>>On our side, we do not have such plan at present.

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for responding. I'd like to import a Google Doc document containing digital, printed text (not handwriting, X and Y coordinates, or images). I can get the document from the Google Drive API.

I think the following will work; please let me know if I sound off track.
1) Get Google Doc from Google Drive API
2) Import the digital text via the Interactive Component in the ATK package
3) Have the user add their own strokes to digital text
4) Export the digital text and the strokes converted to text
4b) using the Google Drive API, I'll update the document with the new text


Dear Marloutour,

thank you for the precision.

Based on the information you are giving us, we do not see any reason you could not proceed:
-First, you should get the document using the Google Drive API.
-Then, you should proceed by yourself to retrieve the words in your document (our ATK doesn't provide any API for such purpose).
-In the Interactive Text Component, you can then add the words, in your SmartPage object (see the addWord(SmartWord word) and addWords(List<SmartWord> words) functions in the SmartPage class of the API documentation).
-The Strokes from the user can then be added to your SmartPage (see the addStroke(SmartStroke stroke)
and addStrokes(List<SmartStroke> strokes) functions).
-The full recognized page can finally be added to your document, which you can export the Google Drive, using the corresponding API.

Let us know if you need further help.

Best regards,


Hey thanks. I'll try to keep you posted.

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