Stylus detection and disable finger touch when stylus is detected

How can i integration stylus in my application and enable palm rejection. I am using wacom stylus but though wacom gives the functionality of Palm rejection, i am not able to integrate the same.

This is for iOS device.

It seems already wacom framework is included in MyScript Library. Can it be used at the client side?

We have no particular api to integrate the Wacom SDK. Could you please let us know which text widget do you use?
At present only the Interactive Text Component offers the ability to manage the ink through 'AddStroke' api that could fit your requirements.
Did you have a look at the api of this widget to check if it could fit your needs?
Best regards

I have seen the same functionality implemented in MyScript SmartNote. Is it a custom addition to the MyScript Kit and can it be achieved in custom Application as well?

Interactive Text component could have been the component used to develop MyScript Smart Note, but this application was based at the beginning on an older component and several years of additional developments.

I hope it is more clear for you. We do our best to provide development tool kit easy to integrate, but today we are aware of the gap between the ITC component and our note-taking application. That’s why you can notice different behaviours and features between our text widget and MyScript Smart Note.
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