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Does SDK process multiple-theads inside?

I'm very interest to use Myscript SDK for Japanese handwriting recognition.
But I'm considering about performance of the library, I have two questions:
1. Whether the SDK processed multiple-threads problem inside?
For example we have two drawing blocks and each blocks also use recognition API in separated threads. And sometimes, two threads call to recognition API at the same time. So if the deadlock is processed inside recognition API, the app will not hang or crash.

2. How about Japanese text recognition performance. (Correction rate...)...

Anyone can help me to answer above questions. Please!

Dear Sir,
In order to better answer your question, could you please clarify which widget do you use? and what is your use case? On Android or iOS?
As you mentioned our SDK, if you have been provided with our SDK packages, please contact us through our professional support website with the credentials sent by e-mail.

Best regards

Dear Cate,
Thank for your contact!
And I'm sorry for my English skill to make you confuse.

Some years ago, I used Myscript SDK to develop an application which recognizes English character.
I understood steps the Myscript library perform to detect a letter.

And now our company has one similar program with Japanese character. We tried some trial versions from Japan third party but it may not handle multiple-processing issue.

This is my detailed problem:
Our application have about 10 drawing square boxes. User will write his name into some of those boxes, each box is for one character.
User puts the pen (or finger) to write first character into box 1 and then immediately puts the pen to write the second into box 2 and continue until finish his name.
That means while user is writing the second character, the system is recognizing the first character (I assume the app call to DoRecognize() function for example).

But sometimes, the first call DoRecognize() function to detect first character is still running when the next call to this function is performed. At this time, we have two threads call to DoRecognize() function.
And sometimes the app is crashed and return the break point to the position of function calling.

I guess the third party does not handle multiple-threads calling issue inside the DoRecognize() function and our app is stuck until now and I'm still finding a reliable SDK or lib to go on.

So I have two questions:
1. Can MyScript SDK solved above multiple-threads issue?
2. Can Myscript SDK supports fully Japanese recognition and how about the performance (for ex, average time to detect one Japanese character).


If we can pass two questions with MyScript SDK, sure that we will purchase developer license of Myscript.

Dear TungNguyen,

to answer your questions:
-Indeed the MyScrpt Text SDK is multi-threaded, i.e. you can create several recognizers and launch these in parallel.
-Japanese language has been supported for many years, and is very satisfying from a performance point of view (it is now used in input methods on Android and iOS devices).

Nevertheless, for your specific use-case, the TEXT sdk comes with the VOIM extension, which should answer most of you needs. Each time a stroke is entered, the recognition process starts, which allows to do a synchronous recognition, and returns with the recognition result faster than would do an asynchroous recognition.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,


Thank you very much,
I will talk with my manager to open a deal with your company after I completed demo in few days.

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