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Math, CDK: Exponential forms interpreted as matrix

Sometimes, MyScript interprets an expression with exponential forms as a matrix expression. For most use cases, the matrix construct is not applicable. Is there a way to disable these?

Thanks for your bug report. Could you please give use some examples that cause the problem?
Vectors use the same prefix than matrixes, so it could be good to check what you write and what you expect exactly.
Otherwise, if you log on the CDK server and select 'Resources', you can add a custom grammar by uploading your .def file, then you will have to add a parameter in your request:
mathInput={userResources : [user_resource_name]}

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Thank you for your reply. Here you can see a screen shot of the strokes and the recognized result (latex rendered by MathJax). interpretation
You are suggesting a solution using userResources. On the MyScript Cloud dashboard there is a 'resources' section, but there are no resources available. Do you have examples or documentation of how to create such a resources file?

regards, Martijn

Thanks for those details, it confirms our first hypothesis. Create a custom resource will be helpful in this case. Moreover you are right, the default resource is not available on the cloud portal.
As we will add developer tools soon on our developer portal, we will also add examples to download.
In the meantime, we will send you a custom CDK math grammar file per email.
Login on
Select 'Resource' tab and upload the grammar file as shown below
You will then be able to add the parameter in your cloud request like userResources:test
{ "components": [{ "type": "stroke", "x": [....], "y": [...] }], "resultTypes": ["LATEX", "MATHML"], "columnarOperation": false, "userResources":["test"]}
Please let us know if it helps
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I was able to upload and use the resource file. The problem with the exponentials is resolved now.
Thank you very much for your help!

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Maybe you have not noticed yet that the custom resource tool is now available:
You will find detailed explanations in this post:

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