Importing only itc component


I am able to run the itc-sample app and it works fine. We are building our own app and we want to integrate only itc-sample into our android project for hand writing reorganization.

Can you please help us how can we integrate the itc widget alone into our existing android project.


In order to better answer you, could you please let us know if you use Eclipse or Android Studio?
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Hi Cate,

Thanks for the reply.I am using Android Studio.


Thanks for that information, do you use gradle build? At present we don't have a detailed guide to add atk 1.3 sample into an already existing project, but the video https://devportal-video.s3.amazonaws.com/tutorials/tuto1%C2%A75.mp4 'Use ATK 1.3 with Android Studio' may help you.
Anyway, you will need to add the following modules in your project:
- styluscore
- sdk
- itc-sample
- itc
- inw
- atk-samples-certificates

Depending on your build setting, you will have to add the corresponding JAR file as explained in the documentation.
We will try to add more documentation as soon as possible.
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Thanks for the reply. I have followed all the steps as in the video tutorial and then imported below mentioned modules to my project. I have created Recognizer Class similar to MainViewController which will be called from my App activity class.
– styluscore
– sdk
– itc-sample
– itc
– inw
– atk-samples-certificates

I am able to create MyScript objects from App class java files after importing the classes. When i run the code i am getting below error during run time
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.myscript.atk.styluscore.RuntimeEngineListener

Below is the path for complete log file

On debugging i found that PageInterpreter class is failing at below import statement
import com.myscript.atk.styluscore.RuntimeEngineListener;

Below is the screen shot for the same

Below is the screen shot for the dependency modules.

Can you please help how can i resolve this issue.

Let me know if you are unable to access the shared files.



Can you please help with me with above issue.



I found the mistake. When i imported the itc-sample into my existing android project all the dependency modules sdk, itc etc were automatically loaded. But the styluscorelib loaded without the jar file.

Hence i was unable to access its functions. I loaded the Jar library in into stylusCoreLib and it started working.

I am still facing issues with the new Class i have written and trying to debug. I will post here if i still face any issues with the library.


Thanks for your feedback, we are currently doing more tests to better explain the best way to import only ITC in existing gradle project.
We will update this topic as soon as possible.
Best regards.

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