SCW Chinese (Enable gestures and disable normal characters)

Hi again:

I'm trying to add chinese support to my app and I've encountered with some issues when doing so.

First of all, is it possible to keep the gesture functionality when using Chinese?? I mean for instance the


wont work at all.

The other thing is, is it possible to disable the none chinese characters detection? Because I'm getting a lot of wrong detection like )1 instead of 儿.

Thank you.

Dear Imalo,

thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, the space and backspace gestures are not likely to work properly, as the Chinese language has similar characters. We then recommend you disable these.

Also, to disable characters, we are working on a tool that will allow to create you own custom resources. This tool is not yet available, and we can not commit yet when it will be.

Best regards,


Hi Olivier and thanks for your response.

Is good to hear you're working on new tools to solve these issues. In the meantime I think I'll use regex to post-process what the widget returns and get rid of the non-chinese characters.

The custom resource tool is now available.
How to create and use custom resource file:
- Go to the Resource tools webpage https://developer.myscript.com/tools (it requires to be logged in)
- According to the documentation about lexicon, subset knowledge or math grammar, create your own resource file http://doc.myscript.com/Common/DevTools/index.html. In your case, create a subset knowledge including only the characters you want to recognize (.sk) (You can see and download examples here)
- select 'ATK' and load the file (UTF8 encoded!) then download the generated resource file (.res)

For the SingleCharWidget, please refer to the documentation to see how to configure resources
Finally, you will be able to see your changes by running your project. Only characters of your custom subset knowledge will be recognized.

Please let us know if you have any other question.
Best regards

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