PageInterpreter API

I need more information about the configure API in PageInterpreter.
How is the user lexicon list used in the myscript library?
What can be achieved using that?

Another question: Are the recognition results from Smartword getCandidates() and getCharCandidates() are filtered result based on the resource AK and LK resource files and/or user lexicon?


Any answers?

Also I would like to know if there is a way to configure Myscript HWR to provide text results which are only there in the Dictionary (Myscript LK file + User configured Lexicon)?
I'm using Android ITCSample ATK.

Sorry for the delay.
Actually, it is not possible to know if the recognition result is due to the user lexicon or not at the ITC level.
It would be interesting for us to know more about your use case in order to better help you, so could you please give us more details?
Best regards


Thanks for the reply.
I'm using Android ITC Sample ATK for English Handwriting Recognition.
I have a added a custom user lexicon of 60K words.
I see good recognition when the handwriting is good with cursive writing.
But when Handwriting is not good, I see bad results which are not vald words and not in user lexicon when writing words in user lexicon.
Recognition improves if the size of user lexicon is reduced.
We are looking for a way to solve this issue by getting results from the known lexicon only.
We need to know what is configured in the default US English Language pack resource files and how we can add our custom resource files.
Also I would like to know if SDK provides additional API or features compared to ATK apart from proving offline access?

Sorry for the delay and thanks for those details. The easiest way to allow words from your lexicon only will be by removing the lk text resources that contains almost all language combination. You should then get only recognition results from your custom lexicon.
We also provide a new tool to create custom resources, it might be useful depending on your use case.
It is available when you are logged in: https://developer.myscript.com/tools and includes a documentation about the different resources you can create.
Don't hesitate to ask more details about this.

Our SDK offer provides a more detailed api and also requires a higher development effort, if you are interested, you can ask more details to our sales guy or by filling again the sales form contact with more details about your use case and project.
Best regards

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