Thai Text Recognition

Could you have your software engineers check the Thai character recognition. I can't get the software to recognise the thai character 'cho chang', it either recognises it as 'bo baimai' or 'so so'.

Is this unanswerable? or do I need to but Premium support?

Dear Sir,
Sorry for the delay, your request has been forwarded internally and we will keep you updated as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience.
Best regards

Dear sir,
We have done some testing and have not been able to reproduce these recognition issues regarding our recognition engine. In order to better analyze the problem, it could be great to get more details and ideally, some ink files (strokes coordinates).
- which widget do you use?
- does it occur when you write isolated character? or in a sentence?
Best regards

Usually in a word, the word 'Chang' for elephant in Thai, when using ITC module, flips to 'Bang', not sure how to control this. I do see that the letter 'Cho Chang' does initially get recognised, as soon as one writes 'Sara ah', the recogniser changes 'Chor Chang' to 'Bor Bai Mai'. I appreciate you having looked in to this --thanks.

LEXICONS!! I didn't search the Forum for lexicon format. Problem solved just created a lexicon array of strings from the spelling list.

Thanks for your feedback! On our side, we will also keep your feedback in mind for next testing session.
Best regards

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