MyScript ITC unable to recognize text when the drawing of handwriting is small


I am using Myscript ITC for recognizing hand written text. After several issues and with your kindly support i am now able to do the handwritten text recognition but i still have a problem.

I am using a digital pen to create the digital ink and using MyScript ITC to convert this digital ink to text.

MyScript ITC is able to convert the handwritten notes to text when the size of my writing is big enough.
When the font size of my handwriting is medium, or small the text recognition is going wrong.

In the ITC-Sample app since we are writing on the screen we write it in good size and it is able to recognize the text as it is being written on the text screen. But the recognition is failing some times when the digital ink is captured using a digital pen.

Can you let me know if we have an algorithm to convert small font digital ink to big font digital ink(digital ink captured when the same text is written in bigger size) and then use the text recognition.

Can you also let me know if we can restrict the MyScript ITC to recognize only numbers. Some times hand written 9 is being recognized as q and 3 as z.

I planning to use MyScript ATK for extraction of two fields:mobile number and Name. Hence i want to use only handwritten number recognition at first place and a alphabet(including space) recognition at the second place.

Can you please let me know if it is possible to modify the existing ATK to meet my requirements.


Thanks for your feedback.
What is really important for recognition accuracy is to use the guidelines.
Do you use the 'SetGuidelines' method mentioned in the documentation?
Our recognition engine has been trained with several natural font sizes, so if the writing size is still easily readable for human eyes, the accuracy should be fine.
At the opposite, recognition accuracy will decrease if there's no guidelines, that's why we recommend to use them. You can see an example in the MainViewController.java file of ITC sample.

We will also add tools on this website, so you will be able to create customs resource to recognize only numbers for instance. We will keep you updated!

Best regards,

Hi Cate,

Thanks for the reply. I have set the guidelines with below parameters

But still the ITC widget is unable to recognize the text properly. Below is the screen shot of my text written with digital pen

Below is text recognized by the ITC
Recognized page text ease 9268

As you can see the text is being recognized properly only when the font size is big. Can you please let me know your comments.

Can we use the ITC component to recognize text even when the font size is smaller(than the size of left hand text).


Hi Cate,

Thanks for the the developer tools and other modifications you have done for the sample widgets. They simplify lot of stuff for developers like me.

Can you also post a simplified integration example for the ITC component as well. I have restricted my recognition to numbers but still the accuracy of recognition is bad when the number of digits goes greater than 5. I think i am doing some thing wrong in the code.

Can you let us know when can we expect a simplified example for the ITC component so that we can plan things accordingly.


Sorry for the delay and thanks for this example. It clearly shows that you use guidelines, however we also recommend you to write on the guidelines AND between 2 guidelines, otherwise the recognition result will be less accurate. You will have to adapt the positions according to your use case, so it will be easy to write on it.
Rest assured we will communicate as soon as we will new version or tool on our developer portal.
Best regards

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