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Frameworks Should Include a Module Map for Swift

[Please correct me if I'm mistaken!]
In Swift projects, we currently need to install a bridging header and import all SDK headers we need there.

So instead of import ATKSingleLineWidget in Swift files we have to #import <ATKSingleLineWidget/SLTWSingleLineWidget.h> in the bridging header which is an un-swifty experience :).

The reason for this seems to be that the shipped frameworks lack module maps. Is that assumption correct? If so, would it be possible to generate module maps in an upcoming update? (in the near future?)

Apple's docs state the following:

Importing External Frameworks

You can import external frameworks that have a pure Objective-C codebase, a pure Swift codebase, or a mixed-language codebase. The process for importing an external framework is the same whether the framework is written in a single language or contains files from both languages. When you import an external framework, make sure the Defines Module build setting for the framework you’re importing is set to “Yes.



Dear Sir,

thank you for contacting us.

Indeed, at present, as we do not have an official support of the Swift language, we do not have a map module.

Nevertheless, we are taking this remark into account.

Best regards,


Thanks Olivier,

Glad to hear that! In fact, module maps are not only useful for Swift, they are also great for Objc, C++ and C!

For more information you can watch Doug Gregor's talk at the 2012 LLVM Developers' Meeting

- Dennis

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