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Getting same useful metrics from Websocket as from AnalyzerInput?

When using the AnalyzerInput for text recognition, there are variables in the data object that would be very useful to me, e.g. baselinePos and textHeight in data.result.textLines[0].data.

When using the Websocket for text recognition, which is my preferred solution, these metrics appear to be unavailable (there is only the candidate(s) containing label, normalizedScore and resemblanceScore). Could you please tell me whether it is possible to extract these metrics whilst still using Websocket recognition?

Dear Sir,

To get several text candidates, you will have to use the text recognition type, for more details, please read the post below:

Best regards

Dear Trevor,
Sorry for the misunderstanding, we appreciate your suggestion and may add it to our backlog for future version. We confirm such metrics are currently only available for Analyzer requests using the REST protocol.
There is no workaround to get the same data for Text requests unfortunately.

Please let us know if you have any other question.

Best regards

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