How to lengthen fading out time of writing characters?

Dear Myscript support team,
Our company is building a project using Myscript version 2.0 as inputting method. Users are able to write by multiple languages: English, Chinese, Japanese.

However, when user writes a complex Japanese word, the writings disappear before user completes the whole word.

So how we can lengthen fading out time of writing characters?
Thanks in advance!

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Dear Sir,

You may be interested in this post about the same subject: https://developer-support.myscript.com/support/discussions/topics/16000007688

Please let us know if you have additional question.
Best regards

Thank you Cate for your support,
One more question that we need your support. When we write Japanese, myscript sometimes put additional SPACE into result. Do you know how to fix that?


Best regards

Dear Cate,
I provide more information:
When I use cur_text mode, text written includes space.
If I use si_text mode, text disappears very fast and there is no space added
Can you explain the difference in recognizing?

Thanks Cate

As mentioned in the documentation, SingleChar must be used in isolated mode (character per character recognition) or superimposed mode (character on top of each other).
For Japanese language, we also recommend to disable space and backspace, increase Ink 'fade out' delay and activate autospacing by adding the following lines:

[self.singleCharWidget setInkFadeOutDelay:1000];
[self.singleCharWidget setWordCandidateListSize:5];
[self.singleCharWidget enableGesture:(0x00000001)];
[self.singleCharWidget enableGesture:(0x00000002)];
[self.singleCharWidget enableGesture:(0x00000008)];
[self.singleCharWidget setAutoSpaceEnabled:(YES)];
[self.singleCharWidget addSearchDir:bundlePath];
[self.singleCharWidget configureWithBundle:@"ja_JP" andConfig:@"si_text"];

Please let us know if you have any other question.
Best regards

Dear Cate,
We are so close to final customer's requirements.
There is only one small bug. In Japanese writing mode,
Firstly, we write: a, b, textview shows ab.
After that, draw fast some random lines, textview replace ab with new string X1_. However, what we expects is ab... which contains previous text. I think that's reasonable and logical.
Is there any way to fix that bug?

Thank you very much for your kind support!

Best regards

Dear sir,
We don't reproduce this behavior with our Single Char Widget iOS 2.0 sample configured with Japanese language pack actually.
Could you please confirm you use the latest version of this widget?

Moreover, we would be interested to know more about your use case: writing latin characters with Japanese resources.

Best regards


I'm having a similar issue with the latest SCW and Japanese on iOS. Sometimes when drawing a compound, the first character disappears before I finish drawing the second. 

For example, 一部. When I get to the fourth stroke of the second character, the 一 disappears. A secondary problem is that the completion now becomes 一立, which seems to be Chinese rather than Japanese.

The issue occurs when I use my own custom resource (about 7,000 kanji plus the kana; no ascii etc). The issue does not occur with the standard "text_si" resource.

I have the parameters set as suggested above and read other threads here on the subject. I wonder if this is a bug, or something wrong with my custom resource. Thanks.

Dear "username",

thank you for your question.

Can you please provide us with the configuration you are using? Which resources are you attaching?

Thank you,

Best regards,


The ja_JP.conf file contains:

Bundle-Version: 1.0

Bundle-Name: ja_JP


 AddResDir ../resources/

Name: custom

Type: Text


 AddResource ja_JP/ja_JP-ak-superimposed.lite.res

 AddResource ja_JP/ja_JP-lk-text.lite.res

 AddResource mul/mul-lk-gesture.res

 AddResource ja_JP/ja_JP-sk-all.res

 SetWordListSize 5

Would you like me to send the custom resource? I don't see a way to attach it.

Also, please note that in my example, the issue actually occurs on the *fifth* stroke of the second character (second horizontal line), not fourth.


Dear Sir,

Currently, did you try changing the FadeOut parameter (see the API documentation: Docs/_/scw/ref/html/Classes/SCWSingleCharWidget.html)?

Indeed, for Asian languages, we recommend to set the "inkFadeOutEffect" to SCWInkFadeOutEffectOnPenUp. The fade out starts after the pen-up.

Otherwise, you can set other modes: SCWInkFadeOutEffectAuto, SCWInkFadeOutEffectNone, SCWInkFadeOutEffectAfterDelay.

If setting the SCWInkFadeOutEffectAfterDelay, you should set the delay with the inkFadeOutDelay function.

We then recommend you refer to the API, to see which mode better matches your expectations.

also, does your custom resource contains the characters you are trying to recognize? Indeed, if not, you will not be able to recognize these.

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply.

What I'd like is for the ink to not fade at all, so that I can see all the characters I've drawn. So currently I use the setting SCWInkFadeOutEffectNone. And most of the time it works fine.

But sometimes, when drawing multiple characters, it does seem like certain combinations of strokes cause part of the ink to fade. And this can happen too without any custom resource. (I can send more examples if it helps.)

But I'll experiment some more with the various settings and see if I can work around that behaviour.

Thanks again.

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