Can I use the math widget to display formula?

The function now is capture the hand writing from user than appear the math format, can I input a math string in LaTeX format and display it instead of hand writing?

For example:

widget.text =x^{10}y^{6+4} and the screen showing the math formula?

Dear Sir,
This is possible using the one AddSymbol API: For each symbol, this implies defining a Bounding box, and the label of the symbol.
For instance on Android, you can check the api documentation:

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Dear Sir,

My situation is like this: I used the math widget and write some formula, then use String text = widget.getResultAsLaTeX() to get the result of latex format and save it in a sqlite databse one by one. Then I use a sql command to retrieve the latex format string and I want to show it in the widget. I failed to do the last part (show it in the widget), may I know how or is it able to do it?

Sorry for the delay, could you please give us more details about the method you choose to display the latex result? Did you create a specific view? Any details or code snippet will be helpful to figure out what happens.

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I also get the same question.
He means that should we input LaTeX string to the MathWidget and then the MathWidget show what we input to it,and we can continue modify with figger on the MathWidget

Dear Sir,

thank you for contacting us.

Currently, it is not possible to provide Latex/Mathml as an input to the Math Widget and then render it with the Widget.

At present, we do not have any alternative to offer.

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