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Moving from trial account to cartridge


I have been using myscript with a trial account, but now need to move it over to this one which has a cartridge setup - when I make calls using the application key setup with this account I get


Do I need to add the cartridge parameters to the request?
I have tried adding &containerType=cartridge&containerId=56d71a8e60b2e8ba81430a34 to the data I am passing through but it makes no difference, are the containerType and containerId correct, do I need to use these now?

Switching back the applicationKey I was using with the trial account the code works fine.

Can you see what I am doing wrong?



Dear Jane,

In order to troubleshoot, could you please send us an example of request that fails?

Best regards.

Dear Jane,

This account has been initially created to do Analyzer requests, that enables you to do text, shape or text+ shape requests.
This means, you have to change the URL into:
and to format your text request this way, for instance:

analyzerInput =

Don't hesitate to check the api documentation:

Anyway, we have just added 'text' and 'shape' recognition type to this account, in case you need to do text only recognition or shape only recognition. You should now be able to send the same requests you developed with the trial account.

Please note that only Analyzer recognition type will allow you to recognize ink including text and shapes.

Please let us know if you have any other question.
Best regards

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