Text recognition confidence


I'm using ITC 1.3 Android ATK version.
Is there any way we can get the text Recognition confidence wordwise.
I notice this is available in CDK(recognition score) but could not find API in ITC ATK.


Dear Kishor,

Actually 'recognition score' are part of our CDK and SDK offers. ITC does not provide such information.
We would be interested to know more about your needs:
Do you face any issue regarding recognition accuracy?

Best regards

Thanks. Wanted to use the confidence to decide if we need to change the result in some cases like when written words which have a mix of numbers and alphabets/other characters like 1-0 (Like a game score) etc.
I see results more inclined towards alphabets. Say for 1-0, the result is to though in some cases the correct result will be in the Candidate list.

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