When fully identified for BeautifyFontify image

On the android device,When I after the completion of the handwriting,In identifying into BeautifyFontify image before,Is this
After fully identified,Is this
I want to know whether you have provide interface,Can know when to complete identification into BeautifyFontify image

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Dear zk9367,

thank you for contacting us.

My understanding is that you would like to get the result as an image? In that case, you can call the getResultAsImage in the onRecognitionEnd. This can be done a follows in the latest release of the ATK:

First, you should implement the OnRecognitionListener:
public class MainActivity extends Activity implements MathWidgetApi.OnRecognitionListener

Then, you should set it after configure
mWidget.addSearchDir(zip:// + getPackageCodePath() + !/assets/conf/);
mWidget.configure(math, standard);

Last, in the onRecognitionEnd function, you should call the getResultAsText function:

public void onRecognitionEnd(MathWidgetApi mathWidgetApi) {
Bitmap resultImage = mWidget.getResultAsImage();

Let us know if this helps.

If this doesn't answer your questions, please provide us with more specification, so that we can better understand your needs.

Best regards,


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