Adding support for number+unit words in ITC ATK


I'm using Android ITC ATK library for the text notes application.
I see that when writing words with number+unit(For example 30kg, 20mg) recognition works well for some standard units like kg,mg.
But for words like 20yr(20 year), 30wk(week) recognition doesn't work even with clear writing.
Is there a way I can add support for additional units into resource files?

Also is there a way to add regular expressions in user lexicon?

Dear Kishor,

we will post an update on the forum when the regular expressions can be compiled with our online tool.

Best regards,


That would be great! I look forward to it. Thanks.

We may update the developer tools soon, so you can create such resources. We will keep you updated.
Best regards

Understood. Along with dictionary words we need to support non-dictionary words like numbers+units, dates with forward slash separation and few other common cases. Recognition works say 20-30% cases for such things but requires improvement.
Do you have any tips or guidelines for Handwriting such that the recognition can be better for such non-dictionary cases?


The first version of our dev portal custom resource tool does not allow to add regular expression, but this is something we may add in the future.
As discussed in another post, you can create custom lexicon and replace the lk-text file in the assets of ITC and test if it better fit your needs.
Here is a post about resource tools for Single Text Widget use, it may help:

Best regards

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