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CDK first html web page

CDK start app

1. I need to get the url + html page + javascript sample, how to start the link to cloud
from your instructions I don't see any start link to cloud

2. where to set application key, and other needed keys to connect to cloud.
I saw in webinar1 some javascript code examples, where I cat get it in the sites docs
I tried to enter the webinar1 site, but it was closed.

3. CDK intranet,
how to implement same cloud app CDK but the but on the local server will be the myscript engine ?
(same as cloud), not all pc's will be all the time on-line

Maybe this tutorial using our webComponents will better fit your needs:

What kind of application do you want to create?

The cdk offer available on our developer portal requires an internet connection, if you want to get in touch with our sales about other possibilities, I invite you to give us more details about your project:

Best regards

cdk on windows

1. first I want to test just text characters and/or numbers

2. I have to download one of webservers: or node.js or plyserv ?
can I use window webserver IIS ? that is already installed in my machine ?

3. what is git for ? do I need it ?

4. can I get the html that was introduced in webinar1 ?
as an html sample usage, I see the path is not active.

If it is just for testing, did you try our webdemo:

I confirm the requirements to try the webcomponents with the tutorial are:
• A valid MyScript CDK account (you can use your trial version)
• A local HTTP server: polyserve
• Node.js
• Git
• Bower

You can try another http server instead of polyserve, but we have not done testing with every solution, so we cannot ensure it will work the same way.
We recommend a git account to download packages from github easily, you can find more details about git on their website:

You can also try this method, with less requirements:
Best regards

Hi Cate

CDK on windows
will the CDK work on windows-7 32BIT ?
and all the install instructions will fit the windows-7 ?

on polyserv install I got :
' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
perable program or batch file.

is it ok to continue for next installs (node installed,git installed) ?

Hi Cate,

CDK first app (math)
it is running , from localhost:8080
I understand I can run as internet url:8080 (not just localhost) ?

1. I added another app for text-recognition it worked, in english laguage.
I tried to change the language to other language, but the language did not change
in tag:
<myscript-text-web applicationkey=xxx hmackey=xxx language=he_IL> </myscript-text-web>
but when I entered to bower components, I change the language in html, and than it worked in specific language.
can the language changed as parameter ?

Hi Emanuel,
Could you please try to proceed this way:

- bower init
- bower install myscript-text-web --save

and update your file as shown below:

<script src="bower_components/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js"></script>
<link rel="import" href="bower_components/myscript-text-web/myscript-text-web.html">
<myscript-text-web id='text-input'

Best regards

Hi Cate,
Bower install
I think I made the same, but I'll try again.

I asked also about:
I tried internet url(of my PC) as url:8080/... to same PC(localhost) but, there was no link
I think it should be open , as your webdemo ?
or it's my local problem connect to port=8080

Hi Cate,
have you an answer to my last URL:8080 question ?
I cannot browse for internet url

I don't have yet an answer, what are you doing exactly? I didn't have time enough to test the webcomponents on a Windows 7 machine, actually. What about your Windows 10 upgrade?

Hi Cate

I'll explain again my url question.

I succeed to run the first aplication test by url:

now I want to run from different client (from some other pc)
to browse to my main PC(where the polyserver listener locate in 'localhost')
so I browse:
this is not working(I checked the port is opened for external link)
do I have define something in plysereve, so he can listen to other remote addresses,
additional to localhost ?
I need only one other PC for browse, for test.
can I change to port 80 (standard internet browsing) in polyserve ?(I tried but it did not worked)

2. I still wait to arrange my windows-10 PC.

3. Cate, can I call you for few words, it will save many mails back-and-through.

1. This should be of help:
use the 'h' option will enable you to set the 'hostname' of your machine

Best regards

I already added the hostname,
but it is not working,
the -p port=80 , works.


polyserve -H
is there an option to allow from any host name (as real web server) ?
why to limit of specific hostname ?

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