Prevent Scrolling of text in Single Lint Text widget

Currently, I'm using Single Line Text Widget.one annoying thing in this widget is after we write a word, text is floating to left,not even in the screen.Is it possible to restrict the scrolling of text???.

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On Android, you can disable this behavior using the following api:

void setAutoScrollEnabled(boolean enabled)
Set whether the widget scrolls automatically.
enabled - true if the widget shall scroll automatically after a delay, false otherwise.
See Also in the <a href="http://doc.myscript.com/MyScriptATK_2.1/Android/_/sltw/ref/javadoc/index.html">api documentation</a>:
setAutoScrollDelay(int), setAutoScrollDelays(int, int)

If you set it to false, you will then have to scroll manually when you finish writing.

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