Invalid Certificate

I just ran math sample and got error Invalid Certificate.
I have downloaded “MyCertificate.c” from atk web site and replaced the old MyCertificate.c in sample project.
Why I get this error?

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Thanks for your bug report.
Could you please check first the internet connection of your device?
As a reminder, you should be able to run our sample for the first time offline thanks to a temporary certificate. If the widget stopped working suddenly offline, it could be due to the expiration of this certificate.
If the device has an internet connection and can reach the ATK server, an unlimited certificate for this device and application is automatically sent.

The message ‘Invalid certificate’ also appears for other reasons, for instance if there is a difference of bundle identifier in between your ATK console and your application or if the resources are not properly loaded. Could you please refer to the documentation and check if you followed properly instructions about how to start your MyScript application?
If you face any issue, please provide screenshot of your Xcode configuration.

Best regards

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