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I wanted to know if circled alphabets and numbers recognition is supported in En_US language resource?
I'm using ITC 1.3
I'm referring to Unicode U+2460 to U+2468 and U+24B6 to U+24CF.
If I use just AK and LK resources the circled numbers(U+2460 to U+2468) appear to work.
But circled alphabets don't work.
If I add a subset knowledge resource generated from https://developer.myscript.com/tools
limiting to below along with AK and LK, the circled numbers are not recognized.

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Dear Kishor,

It would be interesting to know what you try to achieve exactly regarding your use case. It is normal that you are unable to recognize circled alphabets as those symbols are not supported at all by our recognition engine. Circled numbers can be recognized as you noticed, but using the subset knowledge (sk you have created) won't be efficient.
We will update soon the developer tools to allow the creation of resources based on regular expression that may help. I will keep you updated.

Best regards

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