Rotated text recognition with ATK


How can we achieve rotated text recognition with ATK. i.e if words are tilted or rotated while writing.
In normal approach, it is giving us wrong response.
we are using Single Line Text widget.



We have not tried the SingleChar widget, Because our application is more towards to read sentences.
Our use case : We are making an application where user will write in a line(Ex. This is the city of joy).
At the same time, we are using some lexicon file to get more accuracy.


I confirm, SingleLine Widget has not been designed for such use case, as the guideline has a high impact on recognition accuracy. Did you try the SingleChar Widget?
What Is you use case actually?
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Please find the rotated word sample screenshot here.


We are trying to write testim. and its very clear also but it is recognising wrong.

At the Atk level, there is no api that allows to manage ink rotation. The user has to follow the guideline.
Could you please add some screenshots that show the use case?

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