mltw enable disable

I'd like to be able to toggle on or off the mtlw from accepting any handwriting.
in other words, I want to provide a button that locks what has been written and then another button that unlocks to allow more handwriting to occur.
what class/property can I access to do this?

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Dear Alpha Glyx,

thank you for your question.

Currently, none of our widget has such feature.

There would be nevertheless one way to proceed using the widgets that have a addStroke function in the API (Single Line Text Widget, Single Char Widget or Interactive Text Component):
-You should create a view in which you capture the strokes.
-You should manage by yourself to render the strokes.
-When you decide to send the ink to the widget, use the addstroke function to add each stroke.

This way, you can have a button that decides when to send the strokes to the widget.

Best regards,


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