Hi Everyone,

I am using the ATK in my Android application. However, the size of the libraries and apk is quite big. ~23MB.
I saw that in Proguard I can specify flags for minifying and shrinking resources to make my APK smaller. However, for that, I need proper guidelines for setting up the progaurd config for MyScript SDK. For my app source code and resources, I am able to set it correctly. But for MyScript I cannot find any config file or specifications for progaurd that I could use.

Please help me to point in the right direction. Our app is almost ready to release but my boss complains about the size of the APK.

Thank you.

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Dear Saurabh Gupta,

currently, the Proguard Tool can not be used to minimize or shrink resources. To our knowledge, there is no way to reduce the size of the resources.

Also, can you confirm you are using the lite resources (e.g. en_US-ak-cur.lite.res and en_US-lk-text.lite.res)?

Best regards,


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