Time after which SLW removes ink after writing


I want to customise the time after which SLW removes the ink after writing.
Please guide on how to achieve this.


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Dear Mithilesh,

I am not sure to understand the timer you are referring to. Is it the AutoTypeset timer (when ink is converted to Text) or the AutoScroll timer?

Anyway, both timers can be set using the corresponding setAutoTypesetDelay and setAutoScrollDelay functions:
void setAutoScrollDelay(int delay)
Set the delay after which the writing area scrolls automatically once the user has finished writing.

void setAutoTypesetDelay(int delay)
Set delay after which the widget turns ink into typeset letters automatically.

Please note the delay value is in ms.

This information can also be found in the API documentation, which is available in the ATK package you downloaded.

Best regards,


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