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Processing multiple drawings

Is the websocket API designed only to process one drawing canvas at a time?
I need to be able to identify multiple drawings separately, preferably in parallel. Making many REST calls works, but I would prefer to be able to stream multiple requests (which would improve performance and allow batching calls, and enable a lot of different use cases).
The other workaround I see is to start new requests and reset many times, which creates a less than preferable synchronous bottleneck.

Dear JH,

Thank you for your question.

If I understand well, you would like to use several processes, so that more data can be sent to the CDK?

Currently, the Web Socket API has not been designed for such pupose.

Is it possible to learn more about your use-case?

Best regards,


I need to send many different small drawings in a session, rather than just interpreted as a whole.
My workaround is to use instanceId to fill a dict and just reset.

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