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Snapshots with formulas

is it possible to recognize handwritten formulas in snapshots (e.g. jpeg pictures)?

Dear Roberto,

MyScript cannot be used to open image files such as JPG, PDF, because it is not based on Optical Character Recognition technology.
MyScript uses an online signal (digital ink) which is richer than the mere optical signal from an image (made of pixels). It provides a clean digital signal which includes dynamic information about the X Y coordinates capture sequence and allows reaching much accurate handwriting recognition results. This digital ink can be captured using digital pens or any touch sensitive device such as touch screen, tablets and smartphones.

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Many thanks for your answer: I got it!

I'm also try to understand if the SDK can be used on brand new Microsoft Surface Hub.
As you probably know Surface Hub is a digital dashboard with an impressive touch screen and other powerful features that make it a great device for educational purposes.

Have you already considered that application?

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Dear Roberto,

Regarding the Microsoft Surface Hub, we have not done any test on it. Nevertheless, as it is running on Windows 10, we do not see any reason the ATK or SDK could not run on it.

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