register certificate error

Thanks for the assistance.

When we register certificate we got below error message.
We tried MyScript 2.2 and 2.1 and got same result.
What's the reason and how we solve it?
Thanks in advance for the reply.

Can not register certificate
com.myscript.atk.core.EngineError: INVALID_VERSION
at com.myscript.atk.core.ATKCoreJNI.Context_getInstance__SWIG_0(Native Method)
at com.myscript.atk.core.Context.getInstance(
at com.myscript.atk.math.widget.controller.MathWidgetController.registerCertificate(
at com.myscript.atk.math.widget.MathWidget.registerCertificate(

We came to know that this problem happen when we use new library such as MyScript_ATK-Core-android-component.aar ... without removing old libraries such as ....
After removing them, it works!

I am glad you found the solution, please let us know if you have any other question.

Best regards

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