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How to add hmac

I was trying to add hmac, there are few problems and questions I have.
What algorithm I should choose to generate the encrypted data?

var shaObj = new jsSHA(SHA-1, TEXT);
shaObj.setHMACKey(hmacKey, TEXT);
var hmac = shaObj.getHMAC(HEX);

This is what I'm doing and I can't pass the validation.

And what should I encrypt? I'm encrypting my applicationKey, can I encrypt something other than my applicationKey?
For example, can I set the expiration date in the encrypted data.

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Dear Michael,

thank you for contacting us.

In order to get the Application Key and HLAC Key, you should proceed as follows:
-Go to your MyScript Cloud account
-Go into the Aplication Tab
-Create an application selecting the Create application button on the top right corner
-Once your application has been created, open it
-Go at the bottom and click the Generate application key button
-When opened, go at the bottom of the page, both the Application and HMAC keys should be displayed:
-You can then add these into your application.

Let us know if you need further help.

Best regards,


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